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What kind of humility does God want ?

Q10: What kind of humility does God want ?

In the Bible, human humility is looking out for people.

Humility in ancient Hebrew is the "The active eye watches, over the people, with active hands".

But how does humility relate to GOD? Is Godly humility looking out for Jesus ?

Ps 138:6 Though the LORD be high "ruwm",
yet hath he respect unto the lowly "shaphal":
but the proud "gaboahh" he knoweth afar off .

This is an excellent verse showing a Bible poetry contrasting parallel. The LORD is high, while humans are to be low, BUT the proud are high... Notice the contrast of opposite of ideas ... high & low, high & pride ... This is why Jesus is a symbol of the rock "cela" and why man wants to be high. Godly humility is being lowly. Human humility is looking out for people. If you do this you are being a servant to them, the picture of being lowly.

This is why when you pray and think of Jesus, we must physically bend our knees, and have a lowly attitude of mind. Shalom.

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