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Intelligent Design Theory. Bacteria Flagellum Motor.

Intelligent Design theory.

Intelligent Design is a Science.

This is because Intelligent Design is

  • observable,
  • repeatable,
  • experimental and
  • falsifiable.

    These are all the hallmarks of Scientific Proof for anything being a science.

    Can we explain the origins of these two rocks?

    The one on the left looks natural. The one on the right looks it was intelligently designed.

    How we come to these conclusions is based upon observing complex sequences of information in the object under study.Here we see patterns of shape, edge and form. The shape is symetrical and pointed. The object resembles other man madeobjects as current engineers are already familiar with. Thus for these reasons the rock on the right was shaped by IntelligentDesign.

    Can we infer Intelligent Design here?

  • Both have bushes.
  • Both have shafts.
  • Both have universal joints.
  • Both have stators.
  • Both have rotors.
  • Both are run using energy particles.
  • Both have housing membrane structures.
  • Both have mechanical clutches.

    The one on the left is tiny, ten times smaller than the wavelength of light, and made of proteins.The one on the right is centimetres in size and made of iron and copper.

    Do we simply assume just because biological have existed before mankind everengineered his own metal machines, that the biological ones happened by chance andgradual improvement using natural selection? Is there any evidence that gradualismand natural selection are even capable of evolving natural intelligent design? No.

    Most people know intelligent design comes from designers.

    So let's look at some people who show different approaches to how the Bacteria Flagellum came to be.

    I would hope all scientists admit Flagella systems are complex, but are they designed by intelligence?

    Some might say when things look complex, and we don't understand, it does not mean it was designed by intelligence.Such a statement is correct, so how does one tell the difference between

  • Evolution Design and
  • Intelligent Design?

    Actually ID proponents do research.

    Here is a link to a microbial geneticist who has spent 15 years reverse engineering bacterial flagella.

    Click to watch his video here.

    We will have a look at this claim of other functional intermediates.

    So it is proposed living cells have other functional intermediates already in their cellular systems.This could rationally explain how such functions already useful could change perhaps to another functiondifferent to what was already designed by Evolutionary Design.

    But what if scientists show us working functions found in other species ?Is there any evidence that sexual reproduction allows for the swapping of genes unrelated to each other?How does this cell with its own functional organelle employ another functional organelle, just because some other species has?

    Before we subject the reader to more details simply presented, about Evolution Design verses Intelligent Design, have a look at this summary:-

    In Darwin's time bacteria flagella tails looked like this...
    In a cross sectional view of the tail, we see this...
    But if the tail was Evolutionary Desig ned, it should look like this...

    I could not find any scientist making a mutational tail cross-sectional view, so I had to make an image of a tail using Evolution Design paradigm.Such a design would have DNA sequences with random, non-symmetrial proteins, such they would not pack around the axis hole perfectly. In fact if such a tail structure did exist naturally it would not spin very well at all, if at all; because the slight changes to the protein during twistingof the tail would not cause efficient rotation.

    Even flowers are evidence of Intelligent Design...
    Even galaxies are evidence of Intelligent Design......
    Even mathematical laws come from Intelligent Design......

    If we truely lived in random universe there would be no mathematical lawsand no beauty concerning natural design.

    Even DNA shows evidence of Intelligent Design...
    Even our body shows evidence of Intelligent Design......
    Even ocean curves come from Intelligent Design......
    Even Fibronacci mathematics was designed by God!

    Thus Intelligent Design is everywhere including the fabric of space, matter, quantum physics and even the number of petals on a flower, the shape of the human body, and even the curve of a wave on the ocean.

    On the next webpage, we consider the details of function intermediates. Do these show us any clues to how such design came to be ?

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